About Water Treatment Technology

Our water systems personnel have specified, designed, built, installed and troubleshot membrane treatment systems that have been deployed throughout the world and operate in a wide variety of environments.

Potable Water Treatment Systems – The need for reliable, clean and safe drinking water is present throughout the world. Our team has been instrumental in placing containerized systems in remote locations such as Morocco, Turkey, Libya, and Nigeria. These systems, designed to operate in harsh environments, incorporate media filtration, membrane based separation and reverse osmosis technologies. Additionally, these systems provide chlorination, UV sterilization and online monitoring to ensure the water delivered is clean and safe. Many of these systems were designed to use the local power system instead of on-site generation.

The WaterBox water treatment systems are designed to provide clean safe drinking water from virtually any low TDS water source. The system is completely contained inside an ISO shipping container, making it easy to move, easy to install, and easy to operate and maintain. The WaterBox can provide from 100,000 to 300,000 gallons per day of clean, safe and fresh drinking water in even the harshest environments. WellSpring units can be deployed, installed and operating in hours instead of days or weeks

Back-washable Filter – The Wellspring line incorporates a compressed disc filter system followed by a media filtration system. This combination has proven most effective for removing large suspended particles that would interfere with or reduce the effectiveness of subsequent treatment steps. The filter automatically cleans itself based on differential pressure. Backwash frequency and duration are dependent upon the solids loading of the water source